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Corporate Social Responsibility

ATT Group seeks to Create a Difference by going beyond our work and actively serving our society and community.

Our sense of responsibility is reflected in our commitment & approach – to establish our company as one that upholds holistic well-being, safety & sustainability.

We believe in being responsible for our employees, as we believe our people must be our priority. We see the benefits personally and organisationally of a positive and productive workplace. And we commit to building a working environment where our people can thrive holistically, for personal and professional growth.

We are keen to partner with consumers who share the same beliefs, and we genuinely desire to ensure a sustainable future for our environment. From the top management to our employees, even to our partners and clients, we seek to instill the importance of playing our part to be socially responsible.

Starting From Within

Their Well-Being, Our Priority

For any organisation, it is vital to begin practicing CSR from within because employees are the main assets. The success of any company lies in the vital factor, which is employees’ motivation and performance. At ATT Group, we place our employees’ well-being and development as our priority. 

We prioritise our employees by committing to improve working conditions and well-being for all our employees. We believe that when our employees possess excellent holistic well-being. This will improve their contributions in all aspects of their lives – including their work. 

Apart from implementing health and safety policies, we are committed to supporting our employees’ personal and professional development by providing them with enrichment programs. The culture of continuous learning in our company sets our employees up for a conducive environment to develop themselves.  

Well-being goes beyond the physical aspect. It encompasses one’s emotional state which is linked to the social environment. We seek to establish a workplace that supports diversity and inclusion. We strive to create a harmonious, inclusive and rewarding work environment that enables our employees to attain a better emotional and social well-being.

To fulfill our goal of building a workplace that can improve the well-being of our employees. We made an official commitment towards showing kindness at work, which went on for a year. We were grateful for the tremendous improvement in the relationships between our employees, which we were awarded for the best workplace practices by the “Singapore Kindness Movement”.

Work – Life Balance

As the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” goes, at ATT Group, we believe in promoting a healthy work-life balance amongst our staff.  Work-life balance is one of the most key attributes of a workplace. We believe in providing our employees with a working environment where our employees feel a sense of achievement and happiness.

We believe that the policies given by the Government regarding employment, which includes work and leaves schedules and paid leave, are beneficial to our employees’ satisfaction and balance in life. We, therefore, also implemented these policies in our company.

To go above and beyond the mandatory
is the genuine heart of our bosses towards their employees. We set aside a budget to provide benefits for our employees, such as medical benefits. We, also, provide flexibility and trust to our employees as well, especially when it comes to family affairs. Our bosses are our role model when it comes to living a balanced work-life. There is time for work as well as for leisure. More importantly, they model to us the importance of prioritizing family. Additionally, being strong advocates of a healthy lifestyle, our company has a culture of being active. We provided our employees with bonding events, related to sports to provide them with exposure to a healthy lifestyle. We participated in activities such as bowling, fitness classes and marathons. We hope to broaden our practices to support our employees’ participation in the different aspects of their life.

Appreciation for our employees

In ATT Group, one traditional way in which we appreciate our employees is by rewarding their loyalty & service with our “Long Service Award”. We commit because we value our people.

As we kickstarted 2020, we held an appreciation dinner for our staff, where there were sumptuous food, bonding games, appreciation tokens, and speech was given out. It was a key milestone for our company as we came together united to celebrate the success of every single one in ATT Group.

These initiatives stem from our value of building connections, relationships beyond the working relation. We believe when people are in an environment which they feel appreciated and connected, this will be the critical factor of them staying with us. With a growing number of long service employees, this reveals that our values and efforts to sow have reap its harvest and will continue to for the next decade of ATT Group.

Giving Back to Our Community

As said by Winston Chuchill ,We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”, this is our fundamental reason in giving back to our community. Our belief in making a difference transcends even to our communities. We believe that a better society makes a better business, as what goes around comes around.

Our hope for our communities is to thrive in living, and the secret to living is giving. Hence, we believe in giving back to the community. The pursuit of meaning is surely not only about what we do for our company. From our management team to our people, we believe that meaning is found in seeking to better the lives of others.

Giving back mutually benefits both the community and our people. Through volunteering, it provides our people with a sense of purpose and fulfillment, which is unparalleled to anything we can do in our lives or work. This is the reason by which ATT Group encourages our employees to engage themselves in giving back to the community.

Putting our beliefs into actions, every year we set aside a budget to finance & support the underprivileged. On top of this, we believe that giving back is more than money. Also, we believe in investing our time because that truly meets the need of the under-privilege, and it brings about greater meaning for our employees as they are more engaged.

We supported the children financial & provided them with moral support. We had the privilege to engage in community service efforts together through serving the children at the cancer patient wards, to provide clothes and toys for the underprivileged children etc.

At ATT we believe that it is imperative to give back to the community. We seek to become a company that our employees are proud of. By giving back, it develops us to become individuals who are others centric. Overall, this builds us to become a better society. We, therefore, encourage all our employees to volunteer through programs organised externally as well.

ATT’s Volunteering Efforts/Initiatives

2014 – Singapore Cancer Society (April/Nov)

We visited the patient wards of the children to cheer them on and prepared entertainment for them. Also, we

2014 – Singapore Medical Group (July)

We assisted SMG with the collection of old spectacles/eyewear for myopic children and adults in 3rd world countries.

2014 – Salvation Army (October)

We collected old clothes & toys for giveaway.

2014 – ATT Systems Gives Back (October)

We purchase & prepared toy hampers and goodie bags for our healthcare clients to pass on to the children.

2014 – The Children’s Charities Association of Singapore (Dec)

We participated in the “Christmas Fair & Walkathon”. This supported the children financial & provided them with moral support as well.

2015 – Singapore’s Children Society

We were given the opportunity to do so through the ‘Handicraft Rainbow Loom Workshop’ & ‘Alive Museum Excursion’.

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