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Intelligent Monitoring Alert System (iMAS)

We offer connected applications and data intelligence to enterprise customers for unveiling deeper values in their digital processes. Cloud-based Intelligent monitoring and alarm management system for remote worksite safety and hazard prevention applications

iCAM Overview: In a world full of surprises and uncertainties, your body-worn camera should be ever ready to capture crystal clear video and audio of every encounter from the perspective that matters most.

Business Achievements: Video surveillance and security cameras are a must when it comes to the overall safety and security of your business and personnel. As technology progresses, the enterprise is able to monitor, assist and protect field personnel safety and asset security in real-time, and field operation efficiency is enhanced by frontend device features such as real-time evidence collection and site reporting.

Solution Overview: iMAS enables both onsite working staff and back-office staff to communicate, monitor, picture, and video hazardous working conditions, for safety protection and incident prevention purposes via its module, iVision. iMAS also allows project teams to dispatch remote work, track worker locations, and detect falls. An analytical dashboard is provided for viewing of videos and images, analyzing hazard classification and impact, etc.

Intelligent Monitoring Alert System (iMAS)

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