Queue Management System (QMS)

Time is of the essence. Gone are the days of antagonizing queues and long waiting times with Q’SOFT®

Time is of the essence. Gone are the days of antagonizing queues and long waiting times with Q’SOFT® Queue Management Solutions.

Designed specifically for the clients and their end customers, award-winning Q’SOFT® Intelligent Queuing System delivers smooth and seamless operations leading to increased customer satisfaction and profits. Our intelligent systems are in trend with the ever-evolving technology further enhanced with our user-friendly software that can integrate seamlessly with third party software. We customize and create holistic solutions that require you to pay for only what you want.

With nearly two decades of experience, ATT Systems Group continues to administer intelligent queue systems in different countries for a variety of trades and industries in the service sector such as the banks, medical institutes, statutory boards and private organisations.

For more details, please visit www.qsoft.sg.


  • ibuzz1

    Q’Soft iBuzz

    iBuzz is the latest product launched to further complement ATT InfoSoft Electronic Queue Management System. iBuzz was specifically
  • 1

    Q’Soft mConnect

    Q’SOFT® mConnect Features mConnect is the latest one-of-a-kind mobile application technology powered by ATT InfoSoft to further simplify
  • 6

    Q’Soft mTab

    Q’SOFT® mTab Features mTab boasts a state-of-the-art tablet technology that allows the end user-staff to ping customers when
  • 3

    Q’Soft ekiosk

    Q’SOFT® eKiosk Features eKiosk is ATT InfoSoft’s latest product designed to further enhance the Self Registration Solution provided
  • lcd-display

    Q’Soft LCD Displays

    Communicate information clearly to customers LED/LCD displays can be customised according to clients’ specific requirements Highly effective for
  • kiosk

    Q’Soft Ticketing Kiosk

    Complements the Kiosk Management System Reduces transaction time for customers and service staff Reduces bottleneck situations due to
  • smsSolutions

    Q’Soft SMS Solutions

    Automatically pushes information/ reminder to service staff/ customers’ smart gadgets Information and settings are based on clients’ preference
  • qsoft-reporting-admin

    Q’Soft Reporting Admin

    Administrative system that allows for the generating of queue reports Generated queue reports can be used to track
  • recall

    Q’Soft Recall Terminal

    Calls customers in the queue Specially customised Graphical User Interface for service staff Quick search for a customer
  • interfacecomponentsolutions

    Q’Soft Interface Connectors

    Customised Graphical User Interface for both frontline and backend operations Customised back-end operations
  • unspecified

    Q’Soft Feedback Solutions

    Measures customers’ satisfaction level Gathers customer service feedback on staff performance Tags the staff to the respective service
  • tracker

    Q’Soft Customer Tracker

    Customer can be identified from a distance Assist customers in fuss-free queue registration Virtually transmits customer data to
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