Project Overview

With large amount of vehicles such as buses, cars and motorcylces coming in and out of a designated area on a daily basis, the electronic signage system is installed so as to ensure that queue flow of vehicles are orderly and drivers are directed properly into the correct paths.

Sensor Loops are placed in a specific spot to allow automation of signal lights, allowing employees to better concentrate in doing their jobs in drive-through areas. Small lanes are guided by traffic lights. Wide ranges of signage type are also provided and include prismatic signs, LCD signs and LED signs.

Bus drivers now also have a fixed kiosk to key in their license plate number and the information automatically sent to the display board where commuters can easily find out where their transport is parked.

Key Responsibilities

To supply, install and commission which includes:

  • Scrolling Message
  • LCD Signage
  • LED Booth Signage
  • Traffic Lights
  • Sensor Loop
  • Prismatic Signage
  • Bus information Software
  • Control Software

Solution and Outcome

Client’s benefit:

  • Efficiency
  • Real-Time management
  • Automation
  • Energy Saving
  • Easy maintaingin and update

Commuter’s benefit:

  • A safer road system
  • Less congestions & delay
  • Clear and visible Siganages


Project: To design, supply, install and commission a traffic signal system

Client: Border Inspection Force

Contract Period: 3 Years

Award Date: 1 Jan 2012