With contractors, visitors and suppliers entering the building throughout the day, employee safety is compromised as any stranger could enter and bring harm to the building and its occupants.

This highly customized Visitor Management System consists of an appointment system, turnstiles and a dedicated lift management system.

To ensure building security, visitors are first required to make an appointment in which the control system will note the day, time and floor in which the meeting will be held. When visitors arrive, their identity card is exchanged for a pre-programmed entry card. After tapping through the turnstiles, the card is scanned and floor level keyed in.

If the floor level keyed in matches with the programmed card, a specific lift number will be displayed. The visitor will enter the designated lift, which will only stop at the exact floor level programmed. Visitors will be barred entry if floor levels are not the same.

This integrated process is designed towards automation, whereby an accurate and verifiable count of patrons can be done, enabling easy management of human traffic flow. Controlling the different designated levels will allow building security to monitor and be alerted on visitors trying to access off limit areas. Fast action will be taken against intruders.


Key Features of the Visitor Management System

  • Appointment System – Friendly, easy to use system for both the company and the building administrators
  • Registration Kiosk – A physical kiosk will be set up for visitors to check-in, and a communication set will be available for the administrators to notify the company if any issue arises
  • Turnstiles – The turnstiles will only work when a visitor or staff card is tapped
  • Lift Management System – All lifts will require tapping from an access card for it to access the office levels
  • Card Access – Visitor cards can be easily programmable by the administrators for only specific level access