• Weather and corrosion resistant
  • Connects stranded motorists to the traffic control centre during emergency
  • Customized VOIP Management software
  • Automatic message recording can provide crucial evidence for legal clarification

  • An infrastructure to collect tax on behalf of the state
  • Our cost-effective and cut-edge system features are not limited to toll collection;
    – Entry of vehicles for various tariffs
    – Flexible vehicle categories defined at the plaza
    – Recording unusual occurrences
    – Interface management with different software

  • Maintain highway infrastructure for continuous smooth and accident-resistent traffic flow
  • Maintenance range from control room, terminal servers to visual checks on the highway and performing  preventive maintenance to check, clean, run diagnostic test; calibrating of equipment to ensure its optimal performance

  • Media platform that disseminate useful information to the motorists:
    –Alternative routes
    –Roadwork Zones
    –Speed Limits
    –Traffic Congestion
  • Systems are of virtually any size for many purposes, applications, easy to use, can be easily updated and require virtually no maintenance