Fence Intrusion Detection System (FIDS) senses a number of events that indicate unauthorized entry through fence into a facility. Using high-end sensors and a sophisticated software to manage and monitor the status the fences of the facility. Alarms can be set to activate or deactivate and also send SMS if there’s intrusion event.

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  • Capture images from video streaming to detect, extract and analyse relevant events
  • Information includes counting people and vehicles, static counting, logical counter, detecting speeding motorists, improving productivity of parking, management, enforcement of city councils and detection of new items siness processes, speeding and security issues

  • Designed to restrict vehicles from gaining access to public, private areas and locations closed to motorized traffic
  • Bollards brings the vehicle to a halt, destroying the front suspension system, steering linkage and other parts of the drive system during vehicle collision

A mass surveillance method that uses Optical Character Recognition to detect, extract and analyze vehicle plates for law enforcement, traffic and other logistic applications. ANPR Technology is designed to identify a vehicle’s DNA, manufacturer and model, body and plate colour. Statistical reports can be collected to optimize business processes.


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