• Monitor and verify security officers movement by providing exact location, time and date of the compound
  • Can be used as a key performance indicator to tag and keep track of security officers whereabouts
  • Delivers real time customised report which can be conveniently and remotely accessed by management

  • Capture images from video streaming to detect, extract and analyse relevant events
  • Information includes counting people and vehicles, static counting, logical counter, detecting speeding motorists, improving productivity of parking, management, enforcement of city councils and detection of new items siness processes, speeding and security issues

  • Designed to restrict vehicles from gaining access to public, private areas and locations closed to motorized traffic
  • Bollards brings the vehicle to a halt, destroying the front suspension system, steering linkage and other parts of the drive system during vehicle collision

A mass surveillance method that uses Optical Character Recognition to detect, extract and analyze vehicle plates for law enforcement, traffic and other logistic applications. ANPR Technology is designed to identify a vehicle’s DNA, manufacturer and model, body and plate colour. Statistical reports can be collected to optimize business processes.


A customized system designed for tight security. Designated visitors are assigned specific lifts and floor levels for entry with time zone control. Unauthorized users are thus barred from going to restricted floors, reducing risk of intruders and unnecessary loitering. Other features include turnstiles and access card readers.

Truly innovated intelligent Traffic Video Analytics System (TVA) is a robust motion detector, which has the capability to minimize false alarms without compromising function or ease of use.  TVA analyzes video images of the cameras to generate information useful for movement management and traffic control. It integrates automatic incident detection, data   collection, presence detection, digital recording of pre and post incident image sequences and MPEG-4 compression streaming video in one board. This video detection technology provides real-time data and image information for optimal traffic control and fast accurate incident detection. Incident detection shows a high detection rate, a short time to detect (<10s), fast incident verification and a low false alarm rate.

  • Multiple advanced CCTV with high accuracy speed measurement
  • Highly accurate static or moving speed enforcement data
  • Data recorded include and not limited to:
    – Speed detecting
    – Classification
    – Tracking
    – Event recognition
    – Static and logical counting

  • Weather and corrosion resistant
  • Connects stranded motorists to the traffic control centre during emergency
  • Customized VOIP Management software
  • Automatic message recording can provide crucial evidence for legal clarification