A two pronged approach whereby visitors’ experience is enhanced with minimal congestion and company’s security remains uncompromised. Visitor Management System includes automated registration for entry as well as the ability to monitor and alert security on intruders accessing off limit areas. Timely comprehensive management reports are also provided with easily retrieved data.

Kiosk Operation Solutions is your solutions in customizing kiosks to your exact ideas and specifications. The advantages of KOS will help improve your customer service, make business processes more efficient, and last but not least, reduce costs. To satisfy customer requirements, we provide the following:



ATT InfoSoft kiosk solutions is featured on Channel NewsAsia web exclusive video titled, “A prison without guards: Changi Prison’s adoption of technology”.


Meet our revolutionary Self-Payment Kiosk. These devices are all the rage in recent years; its popularity well-deserved as transactions are now made quick, secure, and convenient. What differentiates ATT’s Self-Payment Kiosks is its ability to be customisable. This includes the option of user-oriented mobile payments, which would significantly increase the receptibility of consumers to self-payment.

Our Payment Services Solutions can configure the ideal payments solution for your business. Consumers tend to appreciate the convenience of unattended payments.  Transactions are quick, secure and convenient. We also have mobile payments as an option. And there is less reliance on less efficient payment methods.

We also provide a sophisticated reporting and management information service, enabling you to drill down into the detail and automatically reconcile your transactions – saving time, preventing errors and providing clarity.

Self-Payment Kiosks aids to better allocate resources, allowing businesses to incur cost-savings that can be channeled into other sectors. Additionally, payment transactions are not where human error should occur. In many businesses already adopting this, even skeptics became converts when not only productivity increased, but oversights and miscommunication decreased. Hence, going automated is definitely worthwhile.

With Appointment Management System, booking appointments with your clients & customers doesn’t have to be a never-ending time anymore.  Now your clients can finally book appointments at any time and they will receive a reminder to eliminate No Shows.