Traffic Management

ATT Systems creates order for demanding and chaotic traffic with our advance Traffic System. Developing a real-time Intelligent Algorithm, a basic requirement, which can increase infrastructure efficiency, minimize congestion, reduce travel time, air pollution and fuel consumption. Solutions are developed to be user-friendly; edit or modify and add or remove job functions. This is accomplished by faster detection and response to situations on the highway and balancing of traffic volumes between the highway and the Toll Plazas.

Successful traffic control management requires a total solution incorporate various important components of a system to work together. For highway traffic management, we provide various services such as management and building of toll gates, toll plazas and road tolls as part of our traffic solutions. After the completion of the project, we offer ongoing highway maintenance services to ensure smooth continuity of operations. We assist stakeholders to maintain facilities such as SOS telephones (emergency roadside telephone).

When it comes to traffic surveillance, ATT Systems has various automated traffic management solutions for enforcement. For example, to reduce the dependency of manpower and increase productivity, we have electronic license plate recognition technologies as well as electronic tolls which are fully automated and provide real-time data on actual road conditions. Automatic number plate recognition is accurate and is one of the key factor for effective toll management or traffic counting.

With years of experience and actual project experience, we can always deliver.

Our Traffic Management Solutions

Emergency Roadside Telephone

  • Free service that connects stranded motorists for all security and emergency communications to the control centre
  • Customized VOIP Management software
  • Automatic message recording can be provided crucial evidence for legal clarification
  • Weather resistant telephones

Automatic Vehicle Movement & Monitoring Systems

  • Comprises of Automatic Vehicle Identification for electronic vehicle registration, vehicle access control, tolling, parking and automatic number plate recognition
  • Used to identify, manage and track the movement of all vehicles into a controlled, restricted or monitored area
  • Able to record, verify and identify authorized vehicle’s number plate and driver’s identity based on their IU classifications

Enforcement System

  • Defined as a technical recording device that is triggered automatically by a traffic violation.
  • Punitive cameras are used to automate part of the process that used to ticket and fine motorists disregarding regulations and those who break the law.
  • Developed the best enforcement technology to offer a complete turnkey operation for traffic management.

Traffic Video Analytics System

  • A robust motion detector which has the capability to minimize false alarms without compromising function or ease of use.
  • Analyzes video images of the cameras to generate information useful for movement management and traffic control.
  • Provides real-time and image information for optimal traffic control and fast accurate incident detection.


Central Control System

  • Comprehensive software system for users to control various components of HTMS.
  • Built by applying enterprise standards.
  • Designed for intuitive user interface and streamlined user workflow experience.
  • Effortless monitoring and management of HTMS.

Toll Management

  • An infrastructure to collect tax that minimise chaos and disruption in the economic, social and monetary sector of an economy.
  • Our cost-effective and cut-edge system features are not limited to toll collection;
    – Entry of vehicles for various tariffs
    – Flexible vehicle categories defined at the plaza
    – Recording unusual occurrences
    – Interface management with different software

Metrological Data System

Sensing and reporting weather conditions creates awareness for road safety.

  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Relative Humidity
  • Visibility
  • Temperature

Mobile Radio Communication

  • Communication systems and devices
  • Peer-to-peer and peer-to-base station communications.
  • Provide wireless Connectivity.
  • Provide dynamic routing capability.

E-Automatic Traffic Counting & Classification

  • Automated process counts and classify traffic according to parameters
  • Mining of accurate and reliable reports, not limited to:
    –Speed measurement
    –Identify most used or congested routes  for improvement

Mobile Traffic Enforcement Camera

  • Multiple advanced CCTV with high accuracy speed measurement
  • Highly accurate static or moving speed enforcement data.
  • Data for and not limited to:
    – Speed detecting
    – Classification
    – Tracking
    – Event recognition
    – Static and logical counting

Variable Message Solutions

  • Media platform that disseminate useful information to the motorists:
    –Alternative routes
    –Roadwork Zones
    –Speed Limits
    –Traffic Congestion
  • Systems are of virtually any size for many purposes, applications, easy to use, can be easily updated and require virtually no maintenance.

Video Surveillance System

The system discourage vice activities and are useful in helping government and law enforcement agencies to maintain order and malicious activities.

  • Night and day monitoring
  • Vandal proof
  • Intuitive controls

Highway Maintenance Service

  • Highway maintenance helps to upkeep the infrastructure.
  • Maintenance range from control room, terminal servers to visual checks on the highway and performing  preventive maintenance to check, clean, run diagnostic test; calibrate the equipment to ensure the optimal performance of each and individual equipment.

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