Traffic Management

Are you stuck in a jam with blaring horns for company?

ATT Systems Group Traffic Management Solutions creates new order by offering tested and proven Integrated Traffic Technology for both authority to better manage local traffic conditions, and for commuters to be ahead of demanding and chaotic traffic situations. In-house designed Intelligent Algorithm and leverage of advance Traffic Technologies keeps traffic smooth and jam-free, prevents unnecessary mishaps and accidents, thus protecting lives at the same time.

ATT Systems Group Traffic solutions has been well-received by clientele including international clients from different countries, proving to effectively improve the traffic situations in their locale respectively.

Automatic Vehicle Movement & Monitoring Systems
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification for electronic vehicle registration, vehicle access control, tolling, parking and automatic number plate recognition
  • Identify, manage and track the movement of all vehicles into a controlled, restricted or monitored area
  • Record, verify and identify authorized vehicle’s number plate and driver’s identity based on their IU classifications
E-Automatic Traffic Counting & Classification
  • Automated process counts and classify traffic according to parameters
  • Mining of accurate and reliable reports, not limited to:
    –Speed measurement
    –Identify most used or congested routes  for improvement
Emergency Roadside Telephone
  • Weather and corrosion resistant
  • Connects stranded motorists to the traffic control centre during emergency
  • Customized VOIP Management software
  • Automatic message recording can provide crucial evidence for legal clarification
Highway Maintenance Service
  • Maintain highway infrastructure for continuous smooth and accident-resistent traffic flow
  • Maintenance range from control room, terminal servers to visual checks on the highway and performing  preventive maintenance to check, clean, run diagnostic test; calibrating of equipment to ensure its optimal performance
Intelligent Telemetry Unit

This Intelligent Telemetry Unit (iTU) Monitoring System has been designed to detect and monitor human, different types of vehicles and other objects. Not only does this system communicates with different type of sensors, it can work with more than one from time to time. Type of sensors include: Inductive loop, Piezo Sensor, Short – Range Ultra Sonic Sensor, Position Sensing Device, Mid – Range Radar Sensor, Active Infrared Sensor, Camera Sensor or Thermo Sensor Array.


  • Traffic Data Collecting System for Transportation Planning
  • Toll Booth Traffic Monitoring and Control
  • Highway Traffic Monitoring System
  • Check Point Traffic Monitoring System
  • Traffic Tracking and Enforcement System
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting System
  • People Counting System
  • Integration of Different Objects Monitoring System
Metrological Data System
  • Weather conditions are recorded and analysed to aid in ensuring road safety
  • Variables recorded include;
    – Wind Speed
    – Wind Direction
    – Relative Humidity
    – Temperature
Mobile Radio Communication
  • Communication systems and devices
  • Peer-to-peer and peer-to-base station communications
  • Provide wireless Connectivity
  • Provide dynamic routing capability
Mobile Traffic Enforcement Camera
  • Multiple advanced CCTV with high accuracy speed measurement
  • Highly accurate static or moving speed enforcement data
  • Data recorded include and not limited to:
    – Speed detecting
    – Classification
    – Tracking
    – Event recognition
    – Static and logical counting
Toll Management
  • An infrastructure to collect tax on behalf of the state
  • Our cost-effective and cut-edge system features are not limited to toll collection;
    – Entry of vehicles for various tariffs
    – Flexible vehicle categories defined at the plaza
    – Recording unusual occurrences
    – Interface management with different software
Traffic Video Analytics System
  • Provides real-time and image information for optimal traffic control and fast accurate incident detection
  • Analyzes video images of the cameras to generate information useful for movement management and traffic control


Variable Message Solutions
  • Media platform that disseminate useful information to the motorists:
    –Alternative routes
    –Roadwork Zones
    –Speed Limits
    –Traffic Congestion
  • Systems are of virtually any size for many purposes, applications, easy to use, can be easily updated and require virtually no maintenance




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