Security Management

ATT Systems delivers intelligently integrated and customised solutions, catering to a diverse group of clients through our Security Management. Using advanced technology, we believe in innovative and cost-effective security management solutions to meet different specific requirements and budget. A well-placed security management solution does not only secure assets, it provide a peace of mind.

Our Security Management Solutions

Video Analytic System

  • Capture images to detect, extract and analyse relevant events from video streaming and provide as valuable information to improve customer-specific business processes, speeding and security issues.
  • Information includes counting people and  vehicles, static counting, logical counter, detecting speeding motorists, improving productivity of parking, management, enforcement of city councils and detection of new items and disappearing items in scene.

Surveillance Vehicle Movement and Monitoring System

  • An integrated programme to control and manage incoming and outgoing vehicles which required detailed inspection.
  • Effective approach to monitor incoming and outgoing vehicles, registration and issuing pass cards for the visitors and handling vehicle queues with LED displays.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

  • Capture numbers to detect, extract and analyse vehicle license plates for access control, law enforcement, parking surveillance, security, tolling, traffic and other logistics applications.
  • Design to identifying vehicles DNA; manufacturer and model, body and plate color. Collate statistical reports for optimizing business processes


Visitor Management System

  • Automating registration and access control arrangements for visitors.
  • Enhance security, accuracy and customer service through better control and human traffic flow.
  • Monitor and alert security on visitors trying to access off limit areas.
  • Providing timely retrieval comprehensive management reports and easy retrieval data.


Guard Tour System

  • Monitor, verify and account security officers movement by providing exact location, time and date of the compound.
  • This can be used as a key performance indicator to tag them.
  • Delivering real time customised report which can be conveniently access by management remotely.

Hydraulic Bollard System

  • Design to restrict vehicles accessing into  public, private areas and locations closed for motorized traffic on specific times.
  • During vehicle collision; bollards destroy the front suspension system, steering linkage and other parts of the drive system so the vehicle will not be able to move further and inactivated

Turnstile System

  • Control or permit passage from one area to another.
  • Accurate and verifiable count.
  • Leading patrons in a single-file giving clear view. patron. Able to efficiently isolate potential trouble or to confiscate any prohibited materials.

Vehicle Tracking System

  • To track and monitor vehicle location and collect data of the operation.
  • The unconventional way is to install closed circuit television (CCTV) at designated locations, this reduces operation cost and prevents devices to being “damage”. Both ways of tracking methods can be managed remotely.

Lift Management System

  • Customise and control different designated landing levels registered or authorised by building management to access restricted floors.

Road Blocker

  • Engineered and designed to act as a vehicle deterrent at critical locations
  • Protecting against unauthorised vehicle access
  • Preventing forced vehicle entry or exit.

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