Security Management

The advance of sophisticated technologies has raised questions on the ability of security management systems in coping with increasing security risks that threatens to compromise one’s safety and assets.

Armed with extensive software skills and advance technology, solutions generated by ATT Systems Group Security Management are optimised for 360-degree surveillance, enabling users to better protect their safety and assets.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Designed to identify all car manufacturers and models, body and plate color. Collate statistical reports for business processes
  • Detect, capture, extract and analyse vehicle license plates for access control, law enforcement, parking surveillance, security, tolling, traffic and other logistics applications


Guard Tour System
  • Monitor and verify security officers movement by providing exact location, time and date of the compound
  • Can be used as a key performance indicator to tag and keep track of security officers whereabouts
  • Delivers real time customised report which can be conveniently and remotely accessed by management
Hydraulic Bollard System
  • Designed to restrict vehicles from gaining access to public, private areas and locations closed to motorized traffic
  • Bollards brings the vehicle to a halt, destroying the front suspension system, steering linkage and other parts of the drive system during vehicle collision
Lift Management System
  • Can be customised to control and grant users access to different designated and restricted levels as directed by building management
Road Blocker
  • Engineered and designed to act as a vehicle deterrent at key installations
  • Protects against unauthorised vehicle access
  • Prevents forced vehicle entry or exit
Turnstile System
  • Control or permit passage from one area to another
  • Accurate and verifiable count
  • Giving patrons a clear view and leading them in a single-file
  • Allows for effective isolation of potential trouble or confiscation of any prohibited materials
Video Analytic System
  • Capture images from video streaming to detect, extract and analyse relevant events
  • Information includes counting people and vehicles, static counting, logical counter, detecting speeding motorists, improving productivity of parking, management, enforcement of city councils and detection of new items and disappearing items in scene
  • Information also serves as valuable information to improve customer-specific business processes, speeding and security issues




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